Genius Hour #1

10 things I love to learn:
I love doing Classical Ballet (it is my favourite and only sport I do).Reading is one of the things I love doing in my spare time. Learning things in school is a definient yes. I love baking sweet things like cakes and cookies and ice-cream. I am also grateful that I can make dinners of any choice with my parents. I love shopping sprees whether it is for my siblings or for myself. I love being a stylist for anyone, I prefer going for fancy. With my family, I adore movie nights and choosing everything. I think everyone agrees but I always am ready for celebrations and holidays.
10 things I am good at:
I am great at school in all areas. I am good at my ballet. I love and am good at designing for clothes. I also am great at designing decorations for anything. I am great at projects because any project given, with help I can finish at a great standard. I am a top
10 Things I wonder:
I wonder what France is like? I have always wondered what foods people love around the world?

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