Better to have nothing than bad things

Some people think that being bad on the internet is better than not saying anything on the internet but I say different.

Saying nothing means you can’t hurt people. You don’t have to worry about having no one to abuse you because they won’t know who you are or what you will do. You can do what ever you choose to do because they won’t know what to do/say to someone who will just listen to the people around them.

But the good side to saying something is that at least people know who you really are.What you choose to be. Having a negative footprint can mean you are included with something but you are still alone.I mean if you want to be in something than you can but you won’t have to talk to others.Having a negative footprint also means you can put your voice out their.If you are not happy that some one did something or said something than say it to them.Put it out their that you don’t want to to Jazz or you don’t like Pizza.

For everyone who has an opinion,Tell! I will be waiting.

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