Must See In My State

In one of my challenges, I have to tell you about what you would need to see in my state so here it goes: (some of these  places I have been)

#5 – Sovereign Hill. Sovereign hill is basically a place of the past. It is staged/based around the 1800’s gold rush.It is one of the must see and must eat/buy places.

#4 – The Discovery Centre in Bendigo. The Discovery Centre is a fun place for the family and friends. You can have parties and it shows how fun it is to learn new things.

#3 – Shrine of remembrance in Melbourne. The Shrine is a place of remembrance.I like going their because it has also many views from the top.Over 400 medals that have been won by soldiers. It also has a stone which, on the 11 of November at the 11th hour, a light shines on the word ‘love’, which, well you can get the rest of information if you go.

#2 – Yarra river in Melbourne. The Yarra River in Melbourne has lots to offer. It takes you down to Scienceworks and more places but on the way you can enjoy the sites of Melbourne.Even just doing the boat ride it shows that Melbourne really is a site to behold.

#1 – Chinese Dragon Parade in Bendigo. The Chinese Dragon Parade in Bendigo is held on the easter holidays and is an event that will blow your socks off. Dragons, dancers and more do things down one of the popular streets. Every single colour is everywhere and is no doubt, one of the best things to see.

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