Once (Chapter 1) Review

Today my class read Chapter 1 of the book Once by Morris Gleitzman. This my review. (My feelings)

We discussed, firstly about the devices and that was hard for me because I did not know what might be the answer but I did know that one of the answers was ‘Alliteration’.

We continued reading the book to the start of Chapter 2. I thought it was funny when it said that the fog on the glasses would not clear up whether you talked to God, Jesus, the Pope, Virgin Mary and one other.It was hilarious though when it said that one of the guys was a good doctor because it took off all the legs of a fly and was able to put some back on.

I think that the boys parents will send a letter or something will happen so he goes on a journey. I do know though what really happened to the parents because it only said that their were problems with jewish people running book stores or writing books.

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