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Poetic Weirdness

I like writing but some of the things I have trouble with are poems.Yep, poems. But I have three which will hope to make you laugh. Here are to Limric poems:

Jeremy came to the school
He thought he was pretty cool
The reason he through away his pie
Was due to seeing a giant fly
So he decided to jump in the pool

My puppy’s name is Puddles
He likes to have numerous cuddles
He started using my tips
And accidentally snapped his hips
So he ran to have huddles

Better to have nothing than bad things

Some people think that being bad on the internet is better than not saying anything on the internet but I say different.

Saying nothing means you can’t hurt people. You don’t have to worry about having no one to abuse you because they won’t know who you are or what you will do. You can do what ever you choose to do because they won’t know what to do/say to someone who will just listen to the people around them.

But the good side to saying something is that at least people know who you really are.What you choose to be. Having a negative footprint can mean you are included with something but you are still alone.I mean if you want to be in something than you can but you won’t have to talk to others.Having a negative footprint also means you can put your voice out their.If you are not happy that some one did something or said something than say it to them.Put it out their that you don’t want to to Jazz or you don’t like Pizza.

For everyone who has an opinion,Tell! I will be waiting.

Must See In My State

In one of my challenges, I have to tell you about what you would need to see in my state so here it goes: (some of these  places I have been)

#5 – Sovereign Hill. Sovereign hill is basically a place of the past. It is staged/based around the 1800’s gold rush.It is one of the must see and must eat/buy places.

#4 – The Discovery Centre in Bendigo. The Discovery Centre is a fun place for the family and friends. You can have parties and it shows how fun it is to learn new things.

#3 – Shrine of remembrance in Melbourne. The Shrine is a place of remembrance.I like going their because it has also many views from the top.Over 400 medals that have been won by soldiers. It also has a stone which, on the 11 of November at the 11th hour, a light shines on the word ‘love’, which, well you can get the rest of information if you go.

#2 – Yarra river in Melbourne. The Yarra River in Melbourne has lots to offer. It takes you down to Scienceworks and more places but on the way you can enjoy the sites of Melbourne.Even just doing the boat ride it shows that Melbourne really is a site to behold.

#1 – Chinese Dragon Parade in Bendigo. The Chinese Dragon Parade in Bendigo is held on the easter holidays and is an event that will blow your socks off. Dragons, dancers and more do things down one of the popular streets. Every single colour is everywhere and is no doubt, one of the best things to see.

Once (Chapter 1) Review

Today my class read Chapter 1 of the book Once by Morris Gleitzman. This my review. (My feelings)

We discussed, firstly about the devices and that was hard for me because I did not know what might be the answer but I did know that one of the answers was ‘Alliteration’.

We continued reading the book to the start of Chapter 2. I thought it was funny when it said that the fog on the glasses would not clear up whether you talked to God, Jesus, the Pope, Virgin Mary and one other.It was hilarious though when it said that one of the guys was a good doctor because it took off all the legs of a fly and was able to put some back on.

I think that the boys parents will send a letter or something will happen so he goes on a journey. I do know though what really happened to the parents because it only said that their were problems with jewish people running book stores or writing books.