About Me


My name is Phoebe and this is my blog.I am in grade 6.I like to do dancing and reading and writing and drawing.I like doing dancing because I do Ballet.Ballet is my dream and I hope when I am older I will be either a ballet teacher or a professional  ballet dancer. I like to read big books like the series Inheritance and I write stories which always WOW! my family.I also like to draw the covers of books so I can remember all the good books that I read.One of the things I like to do is cook.Cooking I like to do and I mainly like making things sugary and sweet.Food is a subject which nearly never bores me.Food is one of the things which make me want more.I like doing it as well as everything else.I also love the environment and I spend a lot of time with my families pets.

What do you like to do?

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